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Peck Park

I posted this on the ndcsa slalom forum, but it got lost in the pile of ever-growing poo, so here it is.

On 9/23/2007 mike maysey wrote in from United States (

Fun time today. Thanks for the race Steve. That was the one of how many races in SoCal this summer?? It's a bummer we didn't have more events here in the mecca of skateboarding. I know they take mucho time and mucho preparation and muy money, but it just seems like slalom has lost a bit of it's luster here in the SoCal. Sorry, a little tangent there. Anyway, thanks to Tim, Lynn, Brent and Family, Steve and Family for keeping slalom alive down here. Too bad there were so many no-shows. Whatever though, more bar-b-q for me!!

Today got me thinking though. Thinking back to one of the reasons I moved down here. One of them was I wanted to be part of the scene that was dominating the '02 FCR Tour. Guys like Chicken, Richy, Evans, Kosick, Arab, Attila, O'shei...the list goes on. Those were the guys I looked up to and those were the guys I wanted to skate with. I was buddies with Marc DuPaul and had already been admitted as an honorary member of SSS, so I figured I was a shoe in to skate with the boyz. I don't know if it was bad timing or what but not long after I moved here, the scene disintegrated. I mean, nobody in Orange Co. skates together anymore. I know there's perfectly reasonable reasons for this so I don't want to change the status quo I just wanted to point out an observation I've made. Maybe it's time for me to move to the Rocky Mountain state...or maybe not because it seems like where ever I go, the scene suffers. Same thing kinda happened in San Francisco shortly after I moved there, it just stopped happening. There's reasons for it I know, me personally, I just seem to have less than desirable timing. Anyway, having made this rant...

While at the 'race' today, I overheard Lynn talking to Steve about sessions she's had here and there and how much fun they were. Hey Lynn, I would be stoked if you or someone involved could keep my in the loop for such sessions. I'm only half an hour away and rarely get out to run cones much these days. That'd be great cool. I know we're on rival 'teams', but I just let's just skate and have fun.

Talk to ya soon

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